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Why the Toilet Paper Should Be Spotless After You Go Number Two

Why the Toilet Paper Should Be Spotless After You Go Number Two

Every once in a while, a topic comes up that tends to be a little too sensitive to talk about, yet important in regards to one's health.

Well, this article would be one of them! This leads us to the subject of going to the bathroom, and when I say going to the bathroom, I mean going "number two." That's right! "Going poo" or excreting waste.

In detail, not everyone can excrete waste on a daily basis or even consistently. Not to mention that I've come across a lot of individuals that say they don't go to the bathroom more than once a week which is absolutely absurd! A lot of times what many don't understand is our body needs to run like a machine.

Now, that means consuming food, digesting it and excreting all the toxins consistently. Constipation is one of the most common problems for most people. This occurs when there is too much water in the colon. In fact, it tends to be a little worse in women because they don't preserve as much muscle as a man.

Now, where does constipation stem from? Well, the number one cause of constipation is the lack of fiber in one's diet. Constipation also leads to several other issues such as hemorrhoids, hypothyroidism, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, and even Parkinson's disease. But worst of all, more and more studies are coming out stating that when waste is left too long in the colon, you are more likely prone to colon cancer.

For those that try to go to the bathroom and spend numerous amount of minutes doing everything they can from pushing, grunting and exhaling to get the waist out while they're on the toilet, often times, they fail. Since most of us have a difficult time consuming the right amount of fiber on a day-to-day basis taking a fiber supplement is one of the healthiest choices one can make. By consuming a fiber supplement, this involuntarily stimulates the gut to contract. And another great thing about the fiber supplement is that it is a non-absorbable carbohydrate, which will not have any effect on your blood sugar.

Once you begin to take a fiber supplement on a day-to-day basis you will not only feel better, it will lower your LDL (cholesterol) removes toxins from your body, increase more trips to the bathroom and after going to the bathroom one of the things you're going to notice is that when it's time to use the toilet paper it's going to be spotless. The reason behind this is because your excreting everything out and your stool has more bulk and composite to it.

There's not a specific fiber supplement out there better than one of the other; the most important thing is to make sure you're taking one every day. So, remember if you're going "number two" and that toilet paper is not spotless after excreting, it's time to take a fiber supplement. 



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I don’t understand , if u use the bathroom ,how can the tissue be spotless

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