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Why you should never become a vegetarian.

Why you should never become a vegetarian.

In ancient Rome, it was forbidden for anyone to name their children after the Cesar or  other elected officials such as; Tiberius, Augustus or Caligula. Nowadays not only are these names obsolete, but most people choose to coin their pets these names instead of their children. 

Around the same time  meat was the greatest discovery since fresh air. Nowadays its being demonized like it's the black plague. 

Times have changed.

Humans in every way shape and form have evolved drastically since the beginning of time and that includes their eating habits.

Now, that brings us to a question: Why shouldn't humans stop eating meat and become a vegan? Let me ask this, does not eating meat leave door open for bagels, donuts, and bread?

Well, I will just say this if there is one factor and one major reason why someone shouldn’t eat meat, it should be because of a moral reason. In other words your love for animals. If this is the case, then more power to you. 

With that said, if you choose not to eat meat and it has nothing to do with moral reasons then you are missing out on the most optimal results and benefits.

There many reasons why, but to oversimplify things,

The human body was designed to eat meat.

The popular Netflix documentary called Game Changers has several athletes discuss how they went from eating meat to becoming a vegan and suddenly their performance, health, and overall lifestyle changed in a positive way. Not to mention  their triglycerides, the cholesterol, and the blood pressure all dropped significantly.

Now, the million dollar question is, is all of this is really true? Can one really shape-shift their performance, change their genetic predisposition, and their overall health by switching from being a carnivore to a vegan?

Perhaps. But the really question here is: Exactly how many people on the planet can pull that off? Besides one must understand all of this information is based on empirical data and completely anecdotal.

Which leads us to a couple of factors this documentary forgets to touch base on. 

For instance when they talk about the gorilla and the cow, they forget to mention, that from the time the cow and the mighty gorilla wake up to the time they go to sleep there are eating all day because it requires that time of effort for them to extract a sufficient amount of amino acids to meet the requirements of their active bodies.

However, if these two animals were to eat meat, it would be a much more potent amino acid and require less eating from the both of them.

When the cow eats all that grass it then converts those plants into usable forms of amino acid’s and and when us humans who chose to eat meat, are able to obtain the amino acids in a more potent concentrated form.

People that choose to eat meat and animals, have the ability to extract more amino acids efficiently.

 The second part of the documentary which forgets to touch base on is a little genealogy. In other words, genetics.

When I talk about the word genetics, I’m referring to the people that have superior genetics.

In other words, an “outlier” people that are not part of the norm.

I am by no means a genealogist but let’s face it! How many times have you run into people that eat like garbage and look like a Greek God?

Maybe not a lot, but it does happen and why is that? Superior genetics.

Humans with superior genetics like the subjects in the Game Changers documentary can pretty much do anything and still get away with it because of their gifts.

Is it really the smart thing to go up to Michael Jordan Jim Brown Barry Bonds and Wayne Gretzky and ask them advice on how one could excel in the sport these men excelled in?

The answer is no! because whatever these men do, whatever they choose not to do, will work for them because of their genetics.

So, it would not be the most logical thing to use these people as subjects and a reason for why you should leave eating meat and move into the plant area.

The truth of the matter is maybe 10% of the population can do any diet as far as a vegan or a strictly a carnivore diet and get away with it.

Where everyone else will fall right in the middle.

Essentially, this boils down to, are you to just strictly eat meat? or strictly eat vegetables? The best answer is you do both, because at the end of the day the human being is a omnivore not a vegan or a carnivore.

Human beings have  evolutionary  surpassed the point of just sticking to plants and know to how extract a more potent source of amino acids from certain foods.

The truth of the matter is not one is better than the other. The best approach is to consume both plants and meats. It’s about balance!

The elephant may be bigger, the silverback gorllia is more agile, and the hippo is more aquatic. However, at the end of the day, the lion is the king of the jungle and the king of the jungle’s first source of food is? You guessed it, meat.


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